Missions See How Our 19 Missions Push Your Skills To The Limit


    Before play begins one player on each team is randomly selected as a traitor. They know who each other are, but no one else does. Their goal is to play smart and be the only ones left standing at the end of the game. If you're not the traitor, destroy the enemy while watching your back.

    The game begins with 1-2 people designated as zombies with a thirst for killing. Everyone else on the field is a civilian trying to outlast the zombies. If a civilian is tagged out by a Zombie, he or she becomes a bloodthirsty zombie and preys on the civilians. The goal is to survive without becoming a member of the walking dead.

    The fuse is running out. One team has planted a bomb at a chosen structure and the other team needs to find the bomb and defuse it before the limited amount of time runs out. Protect versus attack. Experience high impact stress in this very brief game.

    A squad of sharpshooters lay in wait for the enemy, whose mission is to get at least one player beyond the ambush site. Smarts, speed and teamwork will crown the victors. Teams swap roles after the first game and the winner is the team who got the most players through alive.

    Two outposts are established with a leader providing advice to each team. The object is to infiltrate the opponent's base, take the leader hostage and return them to your base while protecting your leader. Only live players can accompany the leader and if unaccompanied the abducted must remain motionless until touched by another player. If a teammate reaches the frozen leader first, the leader can be escorted back to home base. The winner of the game has both commanders at one base.

    A VIP is chosen and provided a laser shield and a weapon but with very few rounds. The VIP is protected by a team of bodyguards battling a team of assassins that are provided the advantage of having 60 seconds to hide on the field before the start of the game. The object of the mission is to transport the VIP through the treacherous territory from Point A to Point B alive. Tactics and teamwork are needed in this operation.

    Treasures have been spread around the arena and its owners want to keep the stash to themselves. The reassure hunters begin two minutes before their pursuers. Before they can start gathering treasure they need to find the ammunition box to replenish their disabled weapons so they can protect themselves from the greedy owners of the fortune. The goal is for the treasure hunters to find all the treasure before they are hunted down and shot.

    Each team possesses three devices capable of launching missiles. Do you keep the devices together, separated, on a base or on a player? The goal is to capture the other team's three devices and collect them at your base while protecting you own lethal activators. Think capture the flag but with higher stakes.

    Hostages have been captured and split up. One team must rescue the scattered hostages and lead them out of the warehouse arena while the opposing force tries to maintain control of the hostages. In the exchange of fire, will there be collateral civilian damage? If a hostage has been rescued and is on the way to safety, he or she may be shot by an abductor. The winning side depends on whether more hostages survived or died in the mission.

    Teams are divided into three. There are the Hunters, the Rabbits and the Ducks. The rules for the hunters are simple - you are only allowed to hunt the prey that is "In Season". The strategy for the ducks and the rabbits is to keep the other animals "In Season", so the hunter hunts them instead of you. Initially, the prey can't hun the hunters so ducks can only zap rabbits and vice versa: however a kill flips the season. So if it's duck season and you're a rabbit and you shoot a duck, suddenly it becomes rabbit season and the hunters are after you. The hunters should be warned...toward the end of the mission the tables will be turned and you become the prey. Hunters score points by zapping "In Season" prey and ducks and rabbits score points by every time an opponent is shot.
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